Vector Art Files

A vector file is an image composed of paths, this allows the resizing of art without change to the resolution quality. Therefore the printer and not the art controls the resolution.

Acceptable File Extensions

  • .ai

  • .eps

  • .pdf

Tips for Creating Usable Vector Art

  • Convert all text to outlines.
  • Do not use placed or linked images within the file (photographic images etc.)

Raster Art Files

Raster files are composed of pixels. Artwork dictates the image quality, therefore resizing raster artwork will directly affect image quality. Size increases will lower resolution and create jagged (pixelated) edges, resolution can never be added.

Acceptable File Extensions

Any images taken from the internet will be low resolution.

  • .psd

  • .png

  • .jpg

  • .tiff

  • .pdf

Tips for Creating Usable Raster Art

  • Provide 300 dpi or more at final print size
  • Minimum resolution accepted is 200 dpi (Quality will be marginal)